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BAYC inspired NFTs created by Google AI – QWYPTO

BAYC inspired NFTs created by Google AI

Artificial intelligence can create amazing and unique things. Google is one of the latest companies to show this with their Google Cloud Neural Networks. This service can create art, including NFT art. Recently, they used their machine-generated artworks to transform 10,000 of the iconic Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs.

Like abstract paintings at initial glance. These paintings are incredibly inspired by the BAYC and are awe-inspiring when you look at them. They’re dubbed Artsy Monke, aside from the BAYC inspiration The project also incorporates the fine art component that is not to be overlooked.

Google AI can be capable of creating NFTs even with text descriptions. But it is not able to recreate the BAYC NFTs were provided to the AI to use as “a loose canvas within which to frame the generative art,” explained CryptoGrims the AI’s resident AI artist.

“We felt there was something missing from standard NFT art. We wanted to recreate the magic of the Bored Ape collection and convert it into art.”– Dan Hovey, Artsy Monke Blockchain Dev.

Each of the NFTs included in the collection are exclusive and truly stunning. They have elaborate Viking ships, dark neon cityscapes, as well as fierce stormy oceans. But, each hides the face of a good old Bored Ape, and this is evident to the unaided eye.

Bored Ape Yacht Club is an incredible project that was a major statement in the NFT space, and was an inspiration and motivator for many. When art meets technology it’s a truly amazing thing. The Artsy Monke collection occurs and has the potential to be a hit with the entire community.

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