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Netflix X Stranger Things NFT Collection – QWYPTO

Netflix X Stranger Things NFT Collection

Netflix has announced a new partnership with Candy Digital to produce a series of Stranger Things NFT collectibles. The first collection goes live on Thursday, July 14, and features 17 different characters from Season Four of the Netflix original. Each collectible is available in three different variations, and each one has been carefully crafted to capture the unique style of the show. The collection will be available for purchase on the Candy Digital website, and all proceeds will go towards supporting the future of Stranger Things.

NFT collectibles for the show Stranger Things is now available for fans to purchase. A total of 11,111 tokens will be available for mint featuring fan favorites like Eleven, Dustin, and Max. Of all the characters, Eleven will have the most limited edition run with only 223 total NFTs available. The artistic makeup of the digital collectibles comes as dynamic, poster-style artwork.

Interested collectors will be able to purchase the NFTs starting at 2:00 p.m. ET, Thursday, July 14 through to Tuesday, July 21 at netflix.candy.com. Earlier in the week Candy launched a Premint raffle that members of specific NFT communities like Adam Bomb Squad, RTFKT, Doodles, and others could join for a chance at early access. At the time of writing this raffle still has 14 hours left for those wishing to enter.

“Our collaboration with Netflix showcases Candy Digital’s commitment to expanding and deepening the ways that fans interact with the content, characters, and stories they are passionate about,” said CEO of Candy Digital Scott Lawin.

The collectibles will be produced using environmentally friendly methods and minted on the Palm blockchain, which has a near 0% carbon footprint.

The first collection, called “The Upside Down Series,” will include 17 character posters and will be priced at $11 USD for individual mystery boxes and $275 USD for the “Hell Fire Club Bundle.”

Other Stranger Things Season Four collectibles are said to be in the works for later releases this summer and in November for Stranger Things Day. This is sure to be a hit with fans of the show, so be sure to keep an eye out for these collector’s items!

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