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Warner Records X Bose Offer Free Mint NFTs – QWYPTO

Warner Records X Bose Offer Free Mint NFTs

Warner Records, the U.K. music division of Warner Bros, has collaborated with audio equipment company Bose to join the Web3 space in creating a new NFT project called Stickmen Toys.

The collection will feature 5,000 audio-visual tokens, which will include real-life utilities like access to live events, figurines, exclusive streetwear, and priority spots for future Warner Records developments. The project is aimed at giving fans a more immersive and interactive experience with their favorite artists, as well as providing them with a way to show their support through tangible items. In addition, the NFTs will be available for purchase on various online platforms, making them accessible to a wider audience.

With this new project, Warner Records is taking a big step into the world of NFTs, and it will be interesting to see how it develops in the coming months.

Using music technology built by London-based agency, The Stickmen Project NFTs utilize an algorithmic randomizer that transforms audio into unique characters. Each NFT will include its own 30-second audio track produced by

Warner Records has chosen a free-to-mint strategy in hopes of building a community with “loyalty and trust” that benefits both the project and its holders. All secondary sales will contribute to the supporting artist’s revenues.

Using music technology built by London-based agency Kapsule, The Stickmen Toys NFTs utilize an algorithmic randomizer that transforms audio into unique characters. Each NFT will include its own 30-second audio track produced by The Stickmen Project. In order to create these NFTs, The Stickmen Project first records beats and samples from a live set. These sounds are then sent to Kapsule, who uses their algorithm to generate the visual representations of the audio. The resulting NFTs are truly one-of-a-kind, and provide fans with a tangible way to support their favorite artists.

“Toys play a huge role in everyone’s lives, so we decided to bring them into the Web3 playground where creations are only limited by imagination,” Founder of Kapsule Joey Tadir shared.

Warner Records is set to become the first major label to give holders of its intellectual property (IP) rights greater creative and commercial freedom through copyright possession. The move is part of a project that also aims to give owners a say in voting on the community’s rules, new utilities, and long-term goals.

This is a significant shift for Warner, which has been notoriously protective of its IP in the past. By giving holders more control over their work, the label is hoping to foster a more collaborative and innovative environment. This is likely to be well-received by the creative community, which has long been pushing for greater freedom and flexibility when it comes to copyrighted material. Warner’s move could pave the way for other labels to follow suit, giving artists even more power over their work.

Vice president of audience and strategy at Warner Records, Seb Simone, said: “We’re proud to be the first major label providing collectors with authentic and meaningful ownership of the underlying audio-visual copyright, free to collectors.”

Simone’s work focuses on the idea of NFTs as a way to create more value for fans and artists alike. The project is a prime example of how major music industry brands are beginning to use these technologies to change the way collectors interact with creators. Simone believes that by providing fans with the opportunity to invest in an artist’s future success, NFTs have the potential to create a more sustainable relationship between fans and artists.

This project is an important step in demonstrating the potential of NFTs and Web3 technology to change the way we interact with art and culture. With the help of major music industry brands, Simone is confident that this new medium will continue to grow and thrive.

Bose is gifting lucky owners of Stickmen Toys with limited edition Bose x Stickmen Toys QuietComfort 45 headphones or SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speakers.

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